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Rainbow flags are hoisted, company logos have changed colour, diversity statements are published and everything has suddenly become more colourful. Because it's June, and like every year, that means it's Pride Month. A great occasion to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ scene.

Pride Year Interview

Even though our blog article on Pride Months (LINK) was written with contacts from the LGBTQIA+ community, it is of course only one way of looking at things. That's why our team at STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! wanted to not only write about the community, but also talk to it.

Interview Dariadaria

When it comes to activism, there's no getting around Madeleine Alizadeh. The Vienna-based activist, author and blogger - along with her active community - has been campaigning online for more than ten years on issues of sustainability, politics and other socially relevant issues. In our interview, she explains why activism is more important than ever today.
We have summarized the most important activist milestones of the last decades for you – from the fight for women's suffrage to the Fridays for Future movement. And, along the way, we'll show you how we can all become activists ourselves with small changes to our everyday lives.

Interview Jacko Wusch

Brrrrrr, as hot as our love for vlogger and jewelry designer Jacko Wusch is, that' s how cool our last encounter with her was. After the "Cold Water Challenge" we are now getting loud together. Why activism is more important than ever for Jacko and what the likeable podcaster is committed to, you can read in our interview.
Micha Fritz, co-founder of the all-profit organisation Viva con Agua, has been campaigning for clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation since 2006. In our interview, he tells us how and why the self-proclaimed activist fights tirelessly for this.

Water for Karamoja

To mark our 10th anniversary on UN World Water Day on March 22, 2021, we have some good news to announce: From now on, we will get active support for our water initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS. In the future, we will organize the area of drinking water supply in cooperation with the Hamburg-based "all profit" organization Viva con Agua.

Interview Leonie Bremer

While Fridays mainly used to usher in the weekend, for some years now they have been clearly marked by protests and activism. We invited 24-year-old Leonie Bremer, climate protection activist and press spokesperson for FFF Germany, to an interview.
You've always wanted to know who is responsible for product development at our company and also learn something about the application of our facial care range? Then simply click on our video, sit back and listen to our lovely colleagues Laura and Manuela.

We are climate neutral

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! is now officially a carbon neutral company, yay! After calculating our carbon footprint, we can now continue to work on reducing our emissions and compensate all emissions caused by us through our climate protection project.
The most sustainable and last-minute gifts for you compiled by us, so that you do not lose your nerves at the last minute and at the same time do good.
In collaboration with NOT FOR YOUR DISTINCTION e.V., we have launched our new project THE SOCIAL SOAP BOX and have dedicated ourselves to two of the most urgent problems of our time: plastic pollution and mass migration. What is behind the initiative and how everyone can become part of it can be found in our interview.
Disastrous hygiene conditions, inadequate sanitary facilities, supply of soaps and water – as one of the central points of refuge for asylum seekers, the RIG refugee camp on Samos suffers from inhumane conditions due to overcrowding and an inadequate infrastructure. We talked to some of the volunteers for an interview.

The Jungle of Samos

For years people have been fleeing from war and a lack of opportunities. They want to go to Europe in safety, but end up in a refugee camp like Samos. A place where hope turns into hopelessness for many and yet a wave of helpfulness can be felt.
David Jakobs aka Davidthedaviddavid is known for his extravagant looks that the hair and make-up artist shares with his Instagram followers every day. What his ideal beauty routine looks like, which celebrity he would like to bake cookies with - we discussed all this and more when we met the likeable Berliner for an interview.
Moderator, actor, podcaster - Jochen Schropp is someone who takes the hearts of his audience by storm with his likeable manner. Which gift he will never forget in his life and why sustainable Christmas is close to his heart - we met the 41-year-old Berliner-by-choice for an interview.
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