Rejoice, Reuse, Recycle

Our Christmas presents are made to have new life breathed into them even after exchanging gifts - because nothing gets past us. So the packaging of our All Natural Change Advent Calendar and Kit can be used as super last-minute gift packaging. Or donated to an. Here are a few tips:

Yes, we strike!

Along with many other social businesses, friends and acquaintances, we will stop working on Friday, September 20th. We are joining Fridays for Future, the global climate change movement that calls on all generations worldwide to take to the streets together.
Vegan, environmental activist and pug mom – Hamburg’s Charlotte Weise lets us participate in her sustainable life through Instagram. In an interview, she tells us about her experiences with zero-waste holidays and her desert island must-haves.
„Water scarcity is the biggest crisis nobody is talking about,“ says Andrew Steer, CEO of the World Resource Institute in his recent publication. According to the latest study, 17 countries worldwide are already suffering from extremely high water stress. Figures show that a quarter of the world's population already lives in regions with extremely high water stress
Climate activist, vegan and vlogger – Jana Kaspar alias @janaklar leads her community on a daily journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. In our interview, the Viennese woman explains in our interview which famous personality she would like to travel with, which are her most sustainable destinations and why soap bars are always in her travel case.
Instagram star, jewellery designer and vlogger Jacko Wusch loves to travel – especially if it's environmentally friendly. In our interview, Jacko reveals her ultimate tips for sustainable travel, her must-haves for a deserted island and how best to travel with soap bars.

Your water travel guide

Whether Cape Town, California or Sweden, more and more tourist regions are running out of water. The continuous streams of visitors do not go unnoticed by the popular travel destinations...
Letitia Florea is concerned about the fact that if nothing is done, there will be more plastic waste in our oceans than fish by 2050.
Who is the person behind @dariadaria? We met the sustainable blogger Madeleine for an interview.
Who is the person behind @mirellativegal? We met the successful YouTuber Mirella Precek for an interview.

Waste Free Oceans

We humans are one of the greatest threats to our precious resource, water. According to NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland), we dump up to 10 million tonnes of waste into our water every year. An estimated 8 million tonnes of this is plastic waste, which often takes up to 600 years to decompose.
New Year's resolutions are so 2018. We're not even gonna go there. Why? Because we don’t believe in seasonal resolutions. Or mandates. But what we do still feel like doing: Change. And because we think that every day you have the opportunity to change something, we have put together 6 tips and ideas to help you start fresh today.
They are the nimble helpers of Santa Claus and the Christ child - and are especially under stress at Christmas time: the postmen and women of this world. According to statistics, around 330 million parcels are delivered in Germany during the Christmas season alone. We would like to thank these colleagues of ours. And we met our very own personal favourite messenger, Detlef, for an interview.
According to statistics, Germans spend an average of 472.30 € per capita on Christmas gifts - and the trend is rising. This means that the festival of love is so strongly associated with buying and giving today that the human aspect is almost lost. We are faced with the question: Is giving really so good? Or should we simply not give anything at all?
No, this is not a typo. We have deliberately turned Black Friday into Back Friday: While you save 20% on our entire assortment, we are giving back 20% of our income and donating it to worldwide water projects.
Whether “harvesting” water from fog, a drinking water kiosk or 32 filters that filter 3.2 million litres of water - with our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative we have already done a lot. And to be fair, we didn’t do it alone, but with your help in particular: our community.

Our stay of the month

We simply love Slow Cabins' temporary, minimalist and sustainable eco-lodges!

Our shop of the month

Our friends from CURANTUS Natural Cosmetics show that conscious consumption and a healthy, sustainable life mean more than just egg yolk cucumber masks and felt slippers.
Shampoo bars are on everyone's lips - or rather, on their heads. They foam like their liquid counterparts, care for and clean skin and hair and produce less packaging waste. But what exactly is in a shampoo bar? And how does it differ from a classic bar of soap?

Why less really is more

On average we own up to 10,000 things. For the minimalist, up to 100 things are enough. We investigated the question of how strongly reduction and happiness are connected – and how much more less can actually be.
"Does minimalism always mean going without?", we’ve asked minimalism expert and author Lina Jachmann in our interview.

Waterless: How to use

How our Waterless products provide a particularly long-lasting care? We've collected a few simple tips and tricks how to use our waterless cosmetics.
It’s going to be a wonderful summer! And to keep us all from sweating in the heat, we at STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! have compiled six products for you to keep a cool head on these hot summer days.

Our shop of the month

More than 10 years ago, pharmacist Dr. Nina Kraus proved that glamour and sustainability are not mutually exclusive - quite the opposite. She eventually founded one of the first German online shops for niche cosmetics: GreenGlam.

Our stay of the month

Why do we feel so comfortable in the rooms of the Qbic London Hotel? Perhaps because of the solar panels on the roof, the filtered drinking water from the tap or the wonderful showers that also save water. Or to put it another way: because they do something decisively different.
The good news: We do not always have to be perfect! Because there are many easy ways to live a more sustainable life and make the world a little bit better every day. So let's stop the excuses! We have collected a few simple tips to help you get started. So, what's stopping you?
On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed – 1,138 people died and 2,500 were injured. It was the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. That’s when Fashion Revolution was born - the largest fashion activism movement, calling for a safe, fair and clean fashion industry. Why? Because something had to change. Over 100.000 people already followed their lead.
Do you know how much water is in your closet? On average, a single t-shirt contains up to 2,700 litres, a sweater and jeans even up to 8,000, making it easy to find up to 250,000 litres in your wardrobe. We took a closer look at the relationship status of fashion and water. Let's just say: it's complicated.

Do you speak INCI?

Paraffins, mineral oils, microplastics - buzzwords that repeatedly scratch the image of conventional cosmetics. Consumers are increasingly turning to plant-based alternatives. But what does pure natural cosmetics actually contain? And which ingredients make the difference?

Happy World Earth Day!

This sunday we celebrate mother earth by taking a closer look at our water footprints - as they are easy to minimize. For example by consuming apples from the countryside instead of avocados from South Africa. Discover more water saving ideas here.

Our stay of the month.

A concept hotel with the scent of Eau de Cologne: "Zum Kostbaren Blut" in Cologne offers vintage flair at its best and takes its guests back to the 1950s.

Our shop of the month.

You will find selected treasures from all over the world, from a pretty scandinavian design piece and cool sneakers to the sustainable soap that calls for water saving (jap, us!).
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