Our story.

Water is the foundation of life. We all need it every day. But yet it gets wasted. We encourage people to save water, right there, where water is used. With a range of bathroom products, you stop wasting water: STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!



Kaya-Line Knust creates natural cosmetics that conserve resources. In our interview, she explains how the idea for STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! was born, where some of the sales revenues go, and how even minor changes to our everyday habits can have a major impact.

How sustainable are your products?

Even our brand name encourages people to use water intelligently and sustainably. Furthermore, the products come in practical pump dispensers, which can be easily re-filled. This produces less waste during everyday bathroom regimes. Of course, our great ingredients also play a major role: we consciously avoid all synthetic ingredients and only use substances of the highest quality in our products. All ingredients comply with the highest standards for certified natural cosmetics.

What is the idea behind your GOOD WATER PROJECTS?

Our company is committed to a holistic sustainability philosophy. Two years ago, we therefore launched our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative in global support of intelligent projects for conserving water and supplying drinking water. We have been helping to install fog collectors in Tanzania since 2014, support an innovative water project for school children in Kenya and are constantly on the look-out for new projects around the world. Incidentally: you can donate to the GOOD WATER PROJECTS with every purchase in our online store.

Have the products been tested on animals?

No, naturally not.

Where can I buy the products?

Our products are available from our online store at stop-the-water.com and from over 350 stores worldwide. They are also used in over 100 hotels from Tokyo to New York.


Do the products contain chemical substances or artificial dyes?

No. We do not use any synthetic dyes or fragrances. Our products are exclusively perfumed using natural, essential oils and essences. Our natural skin care range does not contain any silicones, paraffins or other mineral-oil-based raw materials.

Is STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! fully recyclable?

Yes, the packaging can not only be recycled but also refilled.

Why is sustainability so important to you?

Water is the essence of all life and we have to protect this precious resource. We want to use our message to make people around the world more aware of their use of water, especially in countries that suffer from water shortages and droughts. It is important to deal with this topic and to be clear that we can achieve great things through minor changes to our everyday habits.

Is it possible to use STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! products without any water at all?

No. Like other body care products, our Soaps, Shower Gel, Shampoos, Conditioners and Toothpaste should all be used with water. Our focus is on making you (and any others who use your bathroom) conscious of your attitude towards water. An additional factor is that any hot water wastage also means an energy wastage.

Is the entire range vegan?

Our Lemon Honey products contain honey but all other products are vegan.

Are the products suitable for people with sensitive skin or dyed hair?

Yes, because we only use natural ingredients that do not react with the chemical substances used to colour or dye hair. No restrictions need to be considered. The same applies to sensitive skin. In fact, people with skin allergies particularly benefit from the gentle, mild nourishment provided by our products.