A Good Day To Travel To Tanzania

After several weeks of preparation Good Water Project’s first project is raring to go. Our self-proclaimed mission: extracting water from fog, in order to improve life of the people in Northern Tanzania – well, or at least a little of it. And because it would be boring to just invest our funds in fog collectors for Babati, a region in Northern Tanzania, we decided to fly over and help with the installation on-the-spot.

We are Kaya, Anna and Alex. Kaya, the boss, Anna the mediagirl, Alex, the photographer and cameraman. Together with the non-governmental organization ped World from Heidelberg, Germany and the local school in Endabok, we are going to build up two double fog collectors within striking distance of the local primary school.

Day 1 - we're good to go. 

We decided to meet at the airport in Hamburg at 9 o’clock in the morning in order to have some extra time to cover any eventualities. Actually a good idea. We already suspected difficulties from the very beginning. Travelling light? Not really. Several suit cases, stocked with camera equipment, supplies for the fog collectors, a small selection of our products and let's say, one, two clean shirts for our personal needs. To sum it up: 17 kilos of overweight! Two hours later, one additional suit case and after several attempts of repacking we’re done and at the gate. Just in time.

Our flight to Kilimanjaro Airport turned out to be pretty convenient and easy. Most observed dress code on the flight: hiking and trekking shoes. Other than that we are enjoying a short stopover in Istanbul, lots of good sleep, movies, great expectations and a pleasant anticipation of what lies ahead of us.

After 12 hours of travelling we’re arriving at Kilimanjaro Airport at 2.45 a.m. It’s quite humid and warm. Good bye, hibernation mode! The airport is very small and does not possess more than the usual necessities. Yet, we are curious. The immigration officers are reluctant, focussed and really not up for a nice chat. „Habari“ (swahili for „Hello, how are you?“) and „Asante sana“ („Thank you“) doesn’t impress them much. Well, okay, it is 3 o’clock in the morning. 

We slip smoothly through immigrations and customs. We’re gathering our gear and essentials and are out and about to meet Theo, our driver from ped World who is to take us to our Lodge in Arusha, about an hour from Kilimanjaro airport. Deep in the night without any source of light, there is not much to rely on but sounds and smells to gain a first impression of Tanzania while our car is moving along a potholed road. For now, everything else remains part of our own imagination. Yet, we are already convinced – Tanzania must be incredibly beautiful!

We are staying at the Kiboko Lodge in Arusha, our first accomodation. „Kiboko“ means Hippo in Swahili. But the Hippo who used to live there departed for another place. The lodge is a part of the Watoto Foundation and is run by former streetchildren and residing Massai. The entire income is allocated to the Watoto foundation who has committed itself to the education and future of street children in Arusha. A good thing!

A warm welcome awaits us. We are enthusiastic about finally arriving in Tanzania – and of course about getting a real good night sleep!



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