Chris Onestos design project 'California Water Company' tries to help fighting water crisis., 05.10.2015

Design against historic drought!

Design against historic drought!

Since 2012 California has been going through the toughest drought in history. With only 6% left in the huge reservoirs, the water reserves are about to run dry. Designer Chris Onesto now created the project 'California Water Company' to highlight the golden state’s severe problem. The company’s water bottles are only about 6 percent full, reflecting the current capacity of Californias water reservoirs.

“The Golden State is turning into a toasty golden brown all thanks to a record drought,” reads the project’s website. “Oddly enough Southern Californians couldn't care less. In response I created the California Water Company, bottled water that moves the drought from a startling thought into a disturbing reality.”

The bottles themselves reflect the message in several ways. The front states the product is a “limited edition". Instead of an expiry date the bottle reads, “Reservoirs Expire: 01/2016;” the only ingredient is “The last of California’s water reserve;” and the bottle asks the customer to “drink responsibly”. Another side of the bottle calls the water “scarce,” saying, “Each bottle is sourced from a water reservoir with less than a year’s supply remaining. I guess you could say we’ve saved the best for last.”


Take a look at the whole project at Chris Onestos blog.



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