Drop For Change!

It's World Water Day 2016! But still one billion people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. We're proud, happy and honestly thankful to present our new Good Water Project 'Drop For Change' to try and change that. We bring millions of liters of fresh water to Kenya where clean water is rare. The best thing: You can be part of it!

In Kenya, water is an absolute luxury item. Almost two in three schools don't have access to clean drinking water right now. We try to change that with our new Good Water Project 'Drop For Change'! With our fantastic partner LifeStraw, we brought 32 filter systems to six different schools and 2.400 schoolchildren which will supply millions of liters of fresh drinking water in the next years. Each one can filter up to 100.000 liters of water and the system requires no batteries or any form of electricity. It filters more than 99,99% of all parasites and bacteria from dirty water and will supply the schools with much needed drinking water for the next three years. This is what the amazing effect looks like:

Besides installing the filter systems, several hygiene and health trainings for the schoolchildren were a huge part of our new project. Our General Manager Kaya joined the trip to Africa and brought some fantastic impressions from beautiful Kenya:

The best part of the project: you can join in and actually be a part of it! For World Water Day 2016 we launch our new Lemon Honey and Cucumber Lime Bar Soaps which will help finance the project. 10% of all sales revenues will directly go to the 'Drop For Change' project! For more information on the soaps, see here!