Good Bye, Tanzania!

Our work in Tanzania has finally come to an end. In the meantime our team has touched homeland but not without being exposed to mixed feelings. Our film has been published throughout the media last week and allows us every day to reminisce about all the beautiful moments in Tanzania.

We are curious about the results and efficiency of our own nets in Endabok in the next weeks and months – we will follow up with first results soon.

Lots of sunburn, one injured man and two strong rain showers – there was nothing more to complain.

But we are not shutting down our travel journal just like that. In fact, I am discovering more personal words about this journey in my mind that make me want to spill it all out in order to conclude this first amazing Good Water Project for now.

Travelling to Tanzania as a tourist means you are being exposed to an only superficial impression and experience of a mesmerizing country which actually deserves a real in-depth insight into its culture and its habits. As a participant and contributor to an on-site project which involves work among locals, organisers and sponsors as a collective, you certainly gain an entirely different experience. In order to understand a little more about Tanzania and its people you should dive in to the daily life and work of the people. To work, to act and to establish something together reveals more of an established way of life than by simply observing it from the outside. We believe that we have gained a good insight to the Tanzanian culture. And that we built up a good amount of Swahili vocabulary as well.

But, no, this is not it. Despite the fact that we all barely knew each other, the work brought us closer together, eventually we even became friends.

Finding the right and also appropriate words that do a description of Tanzania justice has been one of the biggest challenges while writing. It is actually hard to fulfill. This country is so lively, spirited and full of energy, infused with adventure and unknown secrets, one just can’t come to Africa and leave again just like that. Africa is formed with a certain timelessness that brings one to overthink his/her mental attitude towards all things necessary and unnecessary.

But we certainly know one thing: Tanzania, we will be back!



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