Water as a gift

It’s a routine now. At dawn the cock crows, there comes the bucket shower and off we go along the potholed road to Endabok. Sounds like everything else but comfortable but we are happy people in a happy place.

Today we pull up the last one of our four nets. This is done quite fast, I mean, after having already pulled up three of those we are something close to professionals now.

Next we need to install the gutters and the water tanks so that the water can be collected from the nets. The gutters are being attached directly underneath the nets in order to catch the falling waterdrops. The gutters lead the water into the tanks. The tanks, each with a capacity of 1.000 l are placed right in front of every pole – in sum, three of them. Kaya and Anna have once again been assigned to a very responsible job: to saw a whole into the tanks. A piece of cake for the girls! The rest is just precision work.


During the afternoon we take some time to frolic and hang out with the kids of the school. And take fun pictures. These enchanting creatures of the world!


The next (and 7th) day is the day of the official hand over. The last gutter is being fixed and the last touch ups are being done and then we are good to go and to officially hand over the fog collectors to the primary school of Endabok. The headmistress, the teachers, the pupils and our entire crew gather around the nets. Tanzanian Sky Water is what we name the final product. Everybody is happy. We are happy. Happy about making other people happy. Happy about having created something altogether and in harmony. And that less can change more. No, we are not praising ourselves at this point. Nor trying to be these kind of do-gooders. We are just honestly happy. 


Before the day is done we briefly stop by the Qameyu school we already visited on our first day. The assisting headmaster tells us about how the fog collectors changed the life of the pupils in the past few months. The conditions of the site have been that good that the water tanks need to be emptied every day. It already happened during school breaks that the water tanks were overflowing. The pupils do not have to walk to distant wells for hours any longer, they actually have time to focuss on their studies. He proudly tells us that there has been a significant raise in the performance of the children in the last year. It is overwhelming. We walk all the way downhill, across country. And of course, again there is this really beautiful landscape... 



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